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God has a blueprint for the past, present, and future. His blueprint contains a plan for man, for the nations, for Israel, for the lost, and for the saved. This study course takes us on a journey through the Bible to discover God's master plan as it is revealed in it. Learn how you can be one of the "saved.”

BT/CS 225 Computer-Assisted Bible Study /Computers in Ministry 3 credits

In this course, students will learn the principles of applying the power and speed of computer technology to the tasks associated with Scriptural studies, concurrent searches of multiple extra-biblical sources, access to Internet-based study resources, and so on.

Applications in the Computers in Ministry segment of the course will include an introduction to world-wide telecommunications using the Internet for witnessing and communications with the mission field, the use of computers in music ministries taking advantage of different electronic musical standards (MIDI, MP3, etc.), accessing web resources as they apply to missions, publication technologies, church administration, preparation of sermon materials and handouts, children's ministries, and so on.

May be used as a social science or a Bible elective. Pre-requisite: CS 101 Fundamental Computer Literacy