Description of the Course

A survey of current issues and trends in global business. Specific emphasis will be placed on the impact of these trends on managers in the multinational organizational setting. Topics include a study of the economic, financial and legal environments of international business. In addition trade issues and corporate strategies will be discussed.

Principles of Marketing (BUS 320)

In this class we will examine the key elements of marketing in the current global environment. This class will help you understand how marketing practices impact you as an individual, a consumer or as a business person, and how you can effectively use marketing principles in both large and small business settings. Among many topics we will be studying are:

· Developing Marketing Strategies;

· Marketing Ethics

· Consumer and Business Marketing

· Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

· Product Development, Branding and Packaging

· Capturing Value in the Market - Pricing Methods

· Value Delivery and Route-to-Market

· Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications

This class will be interactive, using a combination of text theory, case studies, teamwork, and some additional reading outside of class. Marketing is a key foundation topic that is useful both in business, ministry, or for your personal use.

This is a required class for all Business majors, and is also highly recommended as an elective if you are interested in Business as a Minor program. There are no pre-requisites for this class, it can also be taken as a free elective in any other major program.

Business Policy and Strategy (BUS 410)

 Business Strategy can be described as “A series of actions, designed to achieve a vision or desired goal”. In this course we will study how business leaders determine and implement successful strategies to compete in a global environment. The course will include important topics such as:

  • Strategy Formulation – current practices
  • Developing and Understanding your Business or Organizational Mission
  • Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics – what are my limits?
  •  The External Environment of Business – what’s out there?
  • Internal and Resource Assessment – do I have what it takes?
  • Long-Term versus Short-Term Planning Horizons
  • Structure and Leadership – how to make it happen
  • Evaluation and Control – how are we doing? are we on track?
  • Case studies in Strategic Management – the good, the bad and the ugly!


We will review the current state of research, and then focus on the practical implementation using real-world, contemporary cases that come from a mix of small and large organizations, global to domestic markets; service, retail and manufacturing firms; and both start-up and established businesses. As noted, we will use a combination of text material and case studies to understand this important business topic.


This is a required class for all Business majors, and is also available as an elective if you are interested in Business as a Minor program. There are not any specific pre-requisites for this class, however Business Majors should take this class in their senior year as it builds upon many foundation elements of Finance, Marketing, Economics, Organizational Behavior and Management classes that have been taken.