To the Faculty of Emmaus Bible College,
It is our pleasure to inform you of a new and innovative opportunity for your students to be challenged academically, work on their assignments, and have their work directly impact tens of thousands of our readers! We at have been working hard over the past few years to provide professional, biblically-faithful theological articles freely to the world.

If you're not familiar with Theopedia, we are a wiki very similar to Wikipedia. However, when we started Theopedia, we realized that there were many problems with Wikipedia, and many in academia (including ourselves) simply could not trust it because its content is so unpredictable! As a Christian wiki, we have overcome that problem in several ways, so you can have peace of mind that the things that are written in our articles are trustworthy. Unlike Wikipedia, everything you see on Theopedia gets peer-reviewed by our administration before it is approved for public viewing. Also, all our content must be in line with our Statement of Faith and Writing Guide.

So how can your students be involved? Your students can register for a free account, and you can assign them projects that relate to your classes. For example, are you doing a class in Personal Evangelism? We could use some help on our article on Evangelism. Or how about a survey of the Old Testament? You could have your students edit our Old Testament article, or perhaps assign them a particular book in the Old Testament and edit its corresponding article page. Ruth for example. We also need assistance in the area of Biblical history (no article yet!), Church history, the Intertestamental period (no article yet!), and the Plymouth Brethren! There are many other subjects already on Theopedia. You can use our search function to see what we already have or don't have, and what can be improved!

This year, students from Biola University in the Torrey Honors Institute will be editing and creating a series of articles on terms relating to the doctrine of the Trinity. Fred Sanders, Associate Professor of Theology at Biola and blogger on The Scriptorium Daily, will be having his students working on this project. We would love to get as many Bible colleges and Seminaries involved as possible to grow this into a great resource, and to help your students learn as well!

If you have any questions, please let us know. We would be happy to discuss this with you. Since I (Tom) am on campus this summer, I would love to meet with any of you personally to discuss this as well.

Tom Major
Associate Webmaster and Editor

Aaron Shafovaloff -- Theopedia Founder, Administrator and Editor
Jordan Barrett -- Administrator and Editor
Jim Ellis -- Administrator and Editor

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